Mango Mania

Recipe: Mango Frozen Yoghurt / Mango Froyo

What is the best thing about a ripe mango?

Its sweet and fruity flavour?

The wonderful fragrance?

Or the juicy flesh?

I'm living in mango-lover's heaven these days. I get to eat as many mangoes as I want and at any time of the day :) . Not to mention the different variety of mangoes that are so easily available.

I get to have mangoes for breakfast, pazha-maanga curry (a lightly spiced side-dish made with ripe mangoes, curd and a little coconut) for dinner and mango desserts for the weekends :) It can't get better than this for a mango-enthusiast :)

Every year during this time, when we have surplus of mangoes, I attempt making a mango froyo. This time I've finally got the the ratio of mangoes to yoghurt right. We need to have at least double the amount of mangoes to the amount of yoghurt.

This froyo is definitely deserving of the title "The King of Froyos" :) And it is all the more fitting because it's main ingredient is the "King of Fruits"



Mango pulp pureed - 3 cups ( the more flavourful and fragrant the mangoes are, the more yummy this frozen yoghurt turns out. An important point to note is this - do not add any water while pureeing the mango)

Hung Yoghurt - 1 and 1/2 cups (the yoghurt has to be hung in a cheesecloth in the fridge for 24 hours. I hung  low-fat yoghurt as mango itself is rich in calories)

Powdered Sugar - 2 Tbsp (the mangoes I used were extremely sweet. If your mangoes are not that sweet, then the amount of powdered sugar can be increased)

Vanilla essence - 1 drop (I would suggest not to add more because we don't want to over-power the wonderful mango flavour and fragrance)

Gelatin - 1 tsp

Boiling hot water - 2 Tbsp

Blend all the ingredients together, except the gelatin and the hot water, into a uniform mixture. Whisk for 5 minutes.

Add gelatin to the hot water and mix well till it melts.

Add the melted gelatin to the mixture of the rest of the ingredients and whisk well till uniformly combined.

Place it in the freezer for an hour.

After an hour, whisk the mixture again for 5-10 minutes. In between, stir with a spoon as well so ensure that all ice-crystals are broken and mixed well .And then return to the freezer for another hour.

Repeat the above step of alternately whisking and freezing for an hour, for 3-4 times.

Finally let the frozen yoghurt freeze for another 4 hours or more.

Before serving, keep the froyo out of the freezer for about 10-15 minutes so that it becomes easier to scoop out.

This is a refreshing and light dessert without the heaviness of other frozen desserts like ice-cream. This makes a wonderful finish to any meal :) Though I would enjoy eating this for breakfast too :) especially during the dry monsoon spells when we wake up to sunny and humid days :)

Here is one of the most hardworking instruments in my kitchen since the summer :) The whisk attachments of my hand blender has been churning out some awesome frozen desserts.

Most houses in Kerala will be boasting of the mangoes grown in their backyard during this season. Apart from eating the juicy mangoes fresh, mango based dishes will be a staple for most meals... The main ingredients of this dessert - mangoes and yoghurt are a commonly used combination in Kerala for making yummy side-dishes for rice. And hence I am sending this froyo, which screams "This is just what you want on a hot and humid day in the tropical climate of Kerala" to the Kerala Kitchen which is hosted by our dear Magpie.


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