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Recipe: Pita Bread Life was quite different until 2020. During the lockdowns, one of the things we missed a lot, was indulging at our favorite shawarma place. Soon enough the cravings got the better of me and I started making them at home. On weekends when I could manage to get the different components of shawarma ready, we would sit around the dining table and enjoy a RYOS (Roll-Your-Own-Shawarma) lunch.   A good shawarma needs a good pita (or kubus or kubz).    One of the blogs I started visiting over the last year is Bigger Bolder Baking (highly recommended by few of my good friends) and I love Gemma's crazy dough, in particular. The crazy dough is so versatile that using the same dough many things can be made. I've tried some of her crazy dough recipes like naan, cinnamon rolls, etc and had good results.   And so, I thought of making pita with crazy dough. I was happy that I did. Crazy dough works well for pita bread.         These pitas are sturdy enough to hold all the

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