Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Toast to Amul's Kurien

Recipe: Buttery Bun Rolls

Of all the stories my father has told me about our family, one of the most inspiring is about a close relative of my grandfather's, who got a job he wasn't very keen on at first, in a small town called Anand in the state of Gujarat. But he still gave it his best and he became the Father of the White Revolution in India.

There is always an unmistakable look of pride in my dad's eyes whenever he speaks about Dr Verghese Kurien and of how he always made it a point to visit my grandfather whenever he came to Thrissur.

Dr Kurien helped convert India from a milk deficient country to one of milk sufficiency and surplus. Thanks to his vision and hard work, the lives of many poor farmers were made better. Thanks to the cooperative movement he started in a small insignificant village called Anand in Gujarat that a white revolution began in India. It is wonderful that Dr Kurien's birthday, 26 November, is being remembered as the "National Milk Day".

The cooperative dairy was named as Amul which stands for Anand Milk Union Limited.

My favourite amongst the various products of Amul dairy is their salted butter. Amul butter has the ability to transform boring slices of bread into delicious, enticing morsels.


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