From Hopelessness to Life

Recipe: Ghee Roasted Phool Makhana / Foxnuts

June 1st was my 3 year old's first day of "big school".

I almost teared up when I realised that there was a brief time when I thought I might never be able to hold him in my arms. It was during the 4th month of my pregnancy when there were some anomalies detected in the detailed ultrasound scans.

It was a scary time, filled with heart-breaking sorrow and fervent prayers. Those depressing days would have been difficult to get through if not for the love and care of my wonderful family and friends. And more than anything, the peace and reassurance that comes from pouring out our heart to our Maker.

Scan after scan, the diagnosis looked bleak for the little one growing within me. After seeing problems in 8 scans, the doctors were getting ready for amniocentesis and counselling after one last scan. And then surprisingly things turned around and became perfectly fine in the 9th and final scan!

I remember the joy, the relief, the happiness! I realised that the Lord of the Universe is not bound by man-made rules disguised as science. And truly we are at His mercy for every breath of life.

Today I would like to share one of the favourite snacks of my kids. I first read about it in Ila's  engaging blog a couple of years ago. Everytime I make it, my 3 year old wants the entire bowl for himself refusing to share with any of us.

from The Secret Formula


Puffed lotus seeds / Phool Makhane / Foxnuts - 100 gm
Salt and Pepper to taste
Ghee - 4-5 Tbsp or more or less
Coconut Oil - 4-5 Tbsp for vegan options

Put the Puffed lotus seeds in a frying pan over medium heat and keep stirring. Keep drizzling ghee / oil over the puffed lotus seeds while stirring. After about 5-10 minutes, the phool makhane will turn light brown.

Sample a few pieces to check if it has become crispy. If not, continue stirring on medium flame.

Switch off fire and sprinkle the required amount of salt and pepper and toss.

Let it cool for a minute or so and serve.


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