Chocolate Caramel Extravaganza

Recipe: Chocolate Coated Caramels

What happens when a chocoholic realizes that she is caramel-crazy too? Bad things happen! Especially to her hips... Unless she makes sure to increase her exercise-time!

But food-wise, it's a really awesome thing to happen. These are totally worth it - the extra exercise and additional hours at the gym!

These chocolate coated caramels are so good and so addictive. It's easy to polish off the entire batch in one sitting. So beware people! Make sure to distribute them to neighbours and family members as soon as possible before you unknowingly reach for another.. and yet another... and then before you know it, it's all over! And it's all inside you!

These are really easy to make and are excellent gifts as well.


Caramel made using the recipe for caramel topping here
Bittersweet chocolate - 100g
White chocolate - 50 g (optional)

When the caramel is still hot and pourable, drop small spoonfuls of it in a glass plate. Just drop 5 small spoonfuls. And by then the first couple of spoonfuls of caramel would have become less hot and easy to handle. Try to mould them to tiny balls (or any other shape). They don't have to be perfect. A rough ball-like shape will do. After you are done moulding the 5, keep them aside in a separate plate but not touching each other to cool down fully.

Then repeat the above step for the next 5 spoonfuls. And so on, till all the hot caramel is used up or till you have as many as you want. Just be careful to spoon out sets of 5 spoonfuls and then mould. If you try to spoon more, then the first few will become solid and you will not be able to mould them into the desired shape.

Place the chocolate in a microwave-safe glass bowl and microwave on low for 30 seconds. Keep stirring the chocolate every 30 seconds. Once the chocolate is all uniformly melted (it took me around 3-4 minutes), then you are ready to rock n' roll!

Dip the cooled caramel balls in the melted chocolate. Then set them on a wire-rack or a glass plate for 5-10 minutes till the chocolate coating solidifies :)

If you like, you can give them a double chocolate coating like what I have done :)

If you want a rough finish for the chocolate coated caramels, then let the chocolate cool and become slightly more thicker and then roll the caramels in the viscous chocolate lava :)

For the smooth finish, just spoon liquid chocolate over the caramel balls.

This is what it looks like on the inside :)

Once you bite into it, the caramel just crumbles in your mouth and blends with the chocolate :) and takes you to chocolate-caramel heaven.

This is what happened to the poor bowl in which I microwaved the chocolate and then later used for dipping the caramels. And in the end, went nuts over the remaining melted chocolate leftover in the bowl :P

Hope I didn't scare you! :P

So whether you want a quick chocolatey caramel-y treat or just want to gift someone something exquisite, these are simply perfect for both. And as an added bonus for all your hard-work, you can reward yourself with the sole privilege of licking the bowl of melted chocolate after you are done with dipping the caramels.

These gorgeous beauties are going to the April Cook-off at Kitchen Corners :)

Also sending these to Creative Concoctions 3 at Kopiaste.


  1. Chocolate and caramel both are an excellent combination. This is such an easy recipe . It will fulfill your sudden craving as well.

  2. Yeah.. very true... perfect for those untimely cravings :)

  3. I am myself a big caramel fan...and these cute chocolates are so have a lovely space here.

  4. nice to be here.....very gud space...ur idea of presentation and writing is very unique.................i feel like readg a magazine...............c u soon

  5. there is a surprise for u in my blog

  6. Caramel and chocolate is a perfect match.I am sure I won't be able to stop myself from having one instead I would gobble up the entire batch and which would do no good to my waist line.Hence bookmarking this for next X'mas when I can gift this .

  7. Thanks for the compliment, Bini :)

  8. Vidhya, Easter is on 24th April and Vishu on 14th :) These would make wonderful treats for any occation, right :)

  9. Splendid Sarah! I am gonna try this out. Yummy. Cheers Swetha.

  10. Wow!!!! superb:)

  11. that's great, Swetha! let me know how it turns out :)

  12. Hi Sarah, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comments. You have a very lovely space. Clicks are amazing. Happy to be your new follower.

  13. This looks incredible! So tempting ... would love to have a bite:)

  14. Delightful treats- fudgy n chocolaty..YUM!

    US Masala

  15. How come you get only choc recipes :P ?

    Anyway, that looks delicious !

  16. Thanks Aipi :) Loved your blog!

  17. Thanks dear! wish I could give you some :)

  18. Hello Sarah!
    What a lovely blog you have:)I really liked visiting your place.And yes,any recipe with bread crumbs in it does count for my event!So don't think twice before sending me your recipe and please do link back!


  19. Sarah,
    Tortillas are almost like over chapati in taste and shape .They make this using all purpose flour or corn flour or wheat flour.Only thing is they are very thin.You can substitute any recipe that uses flour and wheat flour tortillas with our chapati.But don't substitute corn tortillas with chapati as it won't come out the same texture wise as well taste wise.Hope this helps.

  20. Hey sarah!!! Lovely blog u have here & glad i stopped by :) Happy to be following u!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  21. These look amazing! Thanks for stopping by Baking With Em&M!

  22. Thanks dear for the detailed explanations... Now I can give recipes with whole-wheat tortilla a try cos there is a substitute :)

  23. that's great! I'll be linking soon :)

  24. thanks Prats! You have a lovely blog too :)

  25. Chocolate n caramel...Oooo boy that looks sinfully delicious..yummm.
    U have such a wonderful collection here..Thank u 4 visiting my space and leaving such lovely comments..
    Glad to follow u to stay tuned to ur yummilicious recipes..

  26. o my..... this is irresistible.... drooling big time...

  27. Totally yumm!!! nicely captured too

  28. really superb.....

  29. Yes Rashmy, I did forget it :( Hence the warning to all :)

  30. woww... this is awesome... :)snap is too tempting :)

  31. These beauties look amazing! Congrats on a beautiful post.

  32. Hi Sarah. Thank you very much for linking your recipe to Creative Concoctions. Sorry for the delay in visiting. These are really very creative and tempting to make. There's been an extension of the event and the roundup which will be posted on Saturday.


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