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Recipe: Banana Mango Tango

The best thing to do after a meal of kerala delicacies (apart from licking your fingers clean) is to mash a banana in your plate (the very same plate from which you just had your food), top it up with some fresh home-made curd and a sprinkling of sugar or a dash of gooey jaggery syrup, mix it up and slurp it down :)

That is my favourite ending to a "naadan" meal. The below dessert is a twist to that old classic :)

I'm sure there will be many such interesting closures to a meal. What are your favourite ones?

You need both mangoes and bananas for this quick and easy dessert.


Bananas - 2 big ones or 3-4 small ones
Mango - 1 big one
Fresh home-made curd - 1 cup (preferrably not too sour)
Sugar / Jaggery syrup - as per personal preference and the sweetness of the fruit

Blend together the sliced banana, a half cup of curd and sugar/jaggery syrup and keep aside.

Blend together the sliced mango, a half cup of curd and sugar/jaggery syrup and keep aside.

Take the serving glass and alternate spoonfuls of mango mixture and banana mixture.

Note: For a Banana Mango smoothie, the amount of curd can be increased and everything blended together.

Since the inspiration for this was the classic Kerala dessert (one which is made at the table itself), I'm sending this to Magpie's Recipes for the Kerala Kitchen of this month.


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