Flame of Life

Life is like a candle flame,
Flickering in the winds of time.
But when the flame goes out,
What is it that happens?
Is it just void nothingness?
Or a new eternal blaze?

What a tragic situation it is, if after struggling through this life there is nothing to look forward to and just void nothingness awaits us beyond...

I had written down the above lines in my journal during my school days - the days when I had the time to ponder upon life, search for reasons and write down my thoughts....

We are in our hometown since a week. We celebrated Easter in Kerala this year and thankfully remembered the loving God and the empty grave that testified 2000 years ago that the end of this life is just the beginning of another...

 Life in this world is just a short stay before we go to our eternal abode...

Even though its summer here in Kerala, its been raining every evening. With the sky being cloudy always, my hopes of photographing the sunset was not entirely successful.

With so many things happening this week, there was hardly any time to blog. Hopefully, I should be able to get back to it in some days after we return.


Behind the Scenes

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