The Fury of Mother Nature

I have been riveted to the television and the computer ever since my friend messaged me on Friday afternoon. "Massive Earthquake and tsunami in Japan". The visuals are horrifying in itself. Just imagine what a nightmare it is for the people living through it. Men, women and children scared, separated from their homes and loved ones, suffering and trying to find refuge.

As the world witnessed this natural calamity which was of such unthinkable magnitude, all our usual day-to-day tensions and differences seem so trivial. Even though we don't realize it at times, the entire human race is unified in our powerlessness against the fury of Mother Nature.

There would hardly be a soul, who after having watched the visuals of the tragedy, wouldn't have uttered a silent prayer or shed a single tear or felt heart-wrenching sorrow for the people of Japan.

This was the ultimate test for the earthquake resistant buildings in Japan. And they withstood it thereby saving hundreds of lives which could otherwise have been crushed under the weight of tons of falling concrete.

This is also the ultimate test for the courage and strength of a nation. This is a country who picked up the pieces and rebuilt their land after the second world war had ravaged it. That speaks volumes, doesn't it.


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