The Canvas of the Sky

The last couple of evenings in Bangalore, the sky has been really beautiful. Hues of red and blue delicately blending just before being taken over completely with black.

And yesterday, after darkness blanketed our side of the world, we had the opportunity of witnessing the spectacular visual treat of one of the brightest full moon nights :)

My son and I had a wonderful time gazing up at the moon and trying to capture its celestial glory in a photograph.

Photographing the moon was not a piece of cake. Especially since I had an enthusiastic helper who wanted to do the clicking all by himself :) It was a difficult bargain to get the camera from him for a few shots.

And you definitely need arms of steel to hold the camera really still while you get photographs clicked with the varying options of manual mode.(Reminder to self: buy a tripod :))

By the way, we have been bitten by a food-poisoning bug. We traced it down to contaminated water. We learnt our lesson. The only safe drinking water is boiled water (now repeat after me)... And the only things cooking in the kitchen are pots of rice gruel/kanji and toasted bread. Hence the lack of food-posts. I had wanted to try out cooking "challenging" stuff this weekend. But all my plans went down the drain as one-by-one we all fell prey to the germs.

This will definitely seem like a holiday to my poor over-worked digestive system! Hope it doesn't decide to take an extended vacation :)

On the bright side, I'll lose at least a couple of kilos thanks to the bugs :)


  1. Nice Clicks !!! Hope you will recover fast from the illness !!!

  2. Loved the moon click ! :)

    Get well soon.

  3. Nice CLick....Just by loooking at the picture, I thought u prepared some delicious food in the full moon day...:)

  4. yeah, the moon click would have been much better with a tripod. nice clicks overall.

  5. nice pic Sarah, good job in clicking such a neat shot. We have been standing outside our house in the night and enjoying the view for the past 2 days. Not from every part of Bangalore do we get the privilege to view the sky without any obstacles in between. Well I guess this is one of the advantages of living in the borders of greater Bangalore as of now....:)

  6. Thanks All.
    @Juny: Yeah very true... Thank goodness for the views of open skies that we get to enjoy for a while longer...

  7. very nice it. I have a small blog award for u in my blog.
    Keep writing and clicking.


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