Kiss from God

"Is there anyone that is perfect? Anyone who does not have even one flaw or disability and is completely enabled?" Sujit Sukumaran asked the audience in TEDx Alain.  

And sure enough there was no one!

Indeed no one is perfect and flawless! But just because some people might have a noticeable physical flaw, why should he/she be looked down and denied opportunities?

Sujit Sukumaran explains that "disability" is short for "Dis-coverable Ability" during his 19 minute talk at TEDx Alain. He is a survivor of Cerebral Palsy Dipligia.

Though he's just 25, he explains the deep truths of life that he has learnt while combatting his physical limitations as well as mindsets of people. At the end of it, he leaves the listener  awe-struck and inspired.

He does not want sympathy and emphatically goes on to say,
"Has God been unkind to me? Not really!" 

"What would I have been without my disability? 
  Disability got me my identity.... 
  Disability is what gave me my empowerment... 
  Disability even got me to TEDx Alain!"

One thing is for sure, he's blessed abundantly with eloquence of speech, the ability to captivate the listener and most of all, the guts to challenge the world that called him incapable of leading a normal life!

"Every person who is created differently is blessed with a kiss from God in the way of individuality....", Sujit says knowingly.


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