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Recipe: Tomato Chaat - Dieter's Version

My idea of a perfect holiday is 
1) Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed filter coffee
2) Eat a light breakfast
3) Go back to sleep and continue sleeping till noon
4) Wake up to a yummy lunch
5) Watch TV, read, eat some more, sleep on the couch for a while and finally head back to bed

This is far from my usual daily routine. And it had been ages since I got to have my dream holiday :) Until I fell sick 2-3 weeks ago and had to stay at mom's place for a while :) I was sick enough to sleep till afternoon without being disturbed and not do any work. But still able to enjoy food, watch TV and  read.

Anyway I'm glad I got some recharge time and not have to bother about the daily chores for a brief period.

While I try to get back to my usual routine and my usual state of health, here's a recipe for a simple snack


Assemble the chaat by layering the following ingredients one on top of the other:

1) Thick slices of tomato (preferably those that are not too sour) laid on a plate and lightly sprinkled with salt, pepper and chat masala

2) Cooked Chickpeas - Other boiled lentils/beans can be used as well 

3) Grated Carrot

4) A dollop of  Coriander and Mint Chutney

5) Crushed, Microwaved kerala Pappadam or flame roasted kerala pappadam - If microwaving the kerala pappadam, microwave the raw pappadam disks on high for 2 minutes and then once they are nice and crisp, take them out and crush them. This is to substitute the sev that is originally used in this chaat

6) Chopped coriander leaves

7) A final sprinkle of salt and chaat masala, if needed

Serve Immediately.

If you are not watching your weight like a hawk, a dollop of sweet and tangy tamarind and dates chutney and some curd are a good addition to step 4 when making this chaat.

As you try to pop these tomato slices with all its toppings into your mouth in one go, you will enjoy the refreshing burst of flavors. This can also be served as a salad accompaniment to a meal.


Behind the Scenes

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I am also the photographer and the author behind this blog.

If you would like to borrow any of my recipes or photographs, please do let me know and link back to the original post on this blog.

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