A Blog is Born

I'm just taking my first few faltering steps into the blog world. Deciding on the blog title itself took me more than 6 months. Somehow I just wasn't satisfied with whatever I came up with and would change the title every other week.

Writing and cooking have been my favourite pass-times ever since I was 10 years old. But then, recently I haven't been able to do much of both though I very much wanted to. Life and it's responsibilities had eaten up the time that I had for my hobbies. And soon enough, the days seemed relentless. I realised a few months back that I really needed to spend some time on things that I enjoyed doing. It helps in keeping me sane.

This blog will be the space where I can share the wonderful times that I've had with food and words. I hope to pick up photography skills as well along the way. Hope to make this space full of delightful posts, great recipes and good photographs. (Finger crossed on the photographs part)


  1. Finally, you took the big step ! Nice blog name .. will be subscribing to your posts :)

  2. I'm going to follow your blog.
    you have been speaking about this blog for what, a year now!? :P
    I expect a lot of divine concoctions here, please dont let me down! :)

  3. @Thushar: :) Ur turn now.. When's your blog starting?

  4. its around the corner, unlike you I won't take 6 months to decide on the name for it !! 24 weeks should be enough... :P

  5. Congrats and have fun blogging..

  6. Let’s say Charlie rose just for fun


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