Easter Memories

Recipe: Chicken Grilled in a Mustard and Coriander Sauce

Easter is the triumph of Life over death and God's Love over human inadequacies. It is a day of celebration of the gift of life in all its fulness.


Easter has always been special for me.

My parents tried hard to make it so for us when we were kids. Mom would be busy planning elaborate meals and celebrations with close family and friends. Dad would take us shopping for  special delicacies for this day.

We would begin the day with a breakfast of ham, bacon, pork sausages and soft fresh bread. This might not look so great or festive, but this was our favorite breakfast and it is reserved only for special celebrations. 

Mom's signature pork vindaloo would be my next attraction along with the family get-together and even more delicious food from aunts and uncles such as chicken black roast, traditional Thrissur-style  fish curry, fish fry, beef cutlets and so on. 

Memories of happy times and good food have always been my first thoughts about Easter. As I try to make  this day special for my family, I realize that these celebrations need a lot of time and effort. And my parents and aunts and uncles did it so well and made it seem so effortless and simple

Today I want to share with you another grilled chicken recipe. Grilling is one of my favorite methods of cooking because it requires very little effort when compared to many other forms of cooking. But yet the outcome is nothing short of festive and yummy! When this is served as a starter or with the main course, this dish is a pleasure to have especially when it is grilled right before the guests with the mouth-watering aromas wafting around the house.


Chicken - 200g (cut into bite-sized pieces)

For the marinade
English mustard - 3 Tbsp
Corainder leaves - chopped up finely - 1/2 cup
Chilli flakes - 2 tsp
Pepper - a pinch
Juice of 1 Lime
Garlic - 2 small cloves crushed
Salt - to taste

Coconut/Olive Oil/Butter to baste the chicken in between the grilling so that it does not dry out. 

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. Check for salt.

Add the chicken pieces and marinate it overnight or at least 5-6 hours in the fridge.

If using wooden skewers soak them in cold water for at least 2 hours.

Thread the chicken pieces onto the skewers.

Preheat the grill and grill the skewers for 10-15 minutes till the chicken pieces are done. You can test if it is done by trying to pull of a chicken piece of the skewer. If it breaks and falls easily, it is done.

Serve hot.


Behind the Scenes

All the dishes posted in this blog have been cooked by me. Some of the recipes are mine and some of them adapted / borrowed in which case, the link to the original source is provided.

I am also the photographer and the author behind this blog.

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