Cookie Memories

Recipe: Homemade Cookies

One of the fond memories I have as a child is of baking cookies at home... I liked to experiment in mom's kitchen in the late afternoons when she would be either taking her afternoon nap just before her second shift at work or catching up on her stitching...

I used to rummage through magazines looking for cookie recipes as well as other interesting things to bake.

Since we did not have cookie cutters, I used my mum's murukku-maker to squeeze out the cookie dough into interesting shapes... I could have just rolled out the dough and then cut it out with a knife... but this was more interesting to the 10 year old me.

Because of this childhood hobby of mine, my parents had gifted me with a Wilton's Cookie press sometime ago.

Watery Wonder

Recipe: Neer Dosa

When I saw neer dosa for the first time, it was in my office cafeteria. I felt it looked like appam's distant cousin and was expecting a similar taste. I'm not a big fan of appam but since I pride myself in trying out new and different kinds of food, I had to try this too...

When I tasted it, I loved it. It was refreshingly unfermented (unlike appam, regular dosa, etc) and had a delicate and soft texture.

Custard Cravings

Recipe: Vla (Dutch Custard)

The food cravings in pregnancy can be really specific and sometimes weird. Some days I'm craving for the authentic Arabic shawarma and another day its my puttu (steamed rice cake) and kadala curry (curry made with bengal gram).... (that's really weird considering that I never really liked my kadala curry before this pregnancy...)

And then there are those days when I just need to get a chocolate fix - and not just any chocolate, but specifically deep, dark chocolate... and preferably Lindt with 60% or more cocoa :) You may be getting the feeling that I'm using this pregnancy as an excuse to over-indulge.. but trust me these cravings just don't go away with substitutes....


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