Refreshing Re-beginnings

Recipe: Monsoon Mazaa

I have been away for a long time.

Though I've been wanting to get back all the time, life just kept giving me tons to do. My hands were full with a new addition to my family last year, sleepless nights, my support system crumbling apart, bouts of bad health, returning back to work after maternity leave, etc.. You could just say that life took over the blog....

Finally one day I happened to see the facebook page for Indian Food Blogger Meet and I was thrilled. But my hopes were soon dampened when I realised that I was no longer a regular blogger - it had been more than a year since I posted. The kind organisers of IFBM agreed to get back to me if there was a seat vacant after the regular bloggers enrolled.

And there was...

Woohoo!!! I am going to the Indian Food Bloggers Meet :)

And then there were the competitions. When I saw the Urban Dazzle mocktail/cocktail competition, I knew I had to do it. I had baskets and baskets of fruits at home (thanks to my parent's farm) If I missed this, then even the fruit flies wouldn't forgive me...

I had to experiment with the flavours when the little one was asleep and all the photographs have been clicked with me tip-toeing around my sleeping baby :)

The flavours of the fragrant passion fruit along with ginger and jaggery which are staples in an Indian kitchen, are blended together to create this amazing thirst-quencher.

serves 1 
1) Passion fruit pulp ground in the grinder without water and then strained with a double lined strainer to get the broken bits of seeds out - 6 Tbsp
2) Ginger extract taken by grinding the ginger without water with a mortar and pestle - 3 Tbsp
3) Powdered Jaggery - 2-3 Tbsp (to be adjusted based on the sweetness of the passion fruit. Mine were extremely tart.)
4) Club Soda - 150 ml

Blend together all the first 3 ingredients well and strain to prevent any lumps from the jaggery in your drink.

Alternately, you can also put the passion fruit pulp, ginger and jaggery in the grinder and give a whizz and then strain and extract the juice.

Pour the passion fruit, ginger and jaggery mix into your serving glass. Top up with club soda and enjoy

Another serving suggestion is to freeze the passion fruit extract in ice-cube trays and pop a couple of them in the drink just before serving for a more intense passion fruity flavour.

The summery aroma of the passion fruit with the warmth of the ginger and the caramel-ly sweetness of the jaggery makes this wonderful for the exhausting long days.

And perfect to pep up those dull and dreary monsoon evenings...
Imagine this mocktail served to you in this gorgeous glassware from Urban Dazzle - the perfect way to bring back the spring in your step.


Behind the Scenes

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I am also the photographer and the author behind this blog.

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