Years go by

Another year has drawn to a close.

And a brand new one has blossomed.

As the world embarks on its journey through the days of this year, here's a wish for a better place to live in -  a place where there's always a home for the homeless, strength for the weak, food for the hungry, courage to go on, no more exploitation of the unfortunate and a strong commitment to peace and mutual respect.

Here's a wish for a HAPPY 2012 !


Behind the Scenes

All the dishes posted in this blog have been cooked by me. Some of the recipes are mine and some of them adapted / borrowed in which case, the link to the original source is provided.

I am also the photographer and the author behind this blog.

If you would like to borrow any of my recipes or photographs, please do let me know and link back to the original post on this blog.

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