A Visitor in the Night

It's a quiet summer night. The entire Bangalore city has gone to sleep.

And look who visited our humble abode - a gorgeous honey-bee :)

What a perfect subject to experiment with!

He even turned towards the camera and posed for me. "Say cheese"!

Awww... Isn't he cute?

And then the little honey-bee started buzzing and flying around. That's when I backed off shrieking.

I wasn't scared....not me...

Just making sure he doesn't bump into me in case he can't see properly under the blinding bright light of the tube-light :P

An update - I finally got the feedburner thingy configured for this blog. This was on my to-do list for ages. So now people have the option to subscribe via email or RSS feeds to my posts.

Also the sweet blogger Ambreen has given me an award. I need time to think and post on that. So will do that tomorrow.

My brain seems to have shut down now. I can't keep my eyes open anymore. (yawn).

Good night, folks.


  1. Eeeeeewwww!!!!!!! Bravo on the photo session :)

  2. the bee is indeed so colourful n beautiful. Loved d pic..:)

  3. @Yas: Thanks dear. You don't like honey-bees? Bangalore is full of them.
    @Deep: Thanks :)

  4. wow Sarah, you should think of being a professional soon....nice pic, some patience you have dear....

  5. The photo has come out really well !!!

  6. I am always scared of bees thinking they ll enter my ears :P

    Your cutlet/tikki post was nice :)

  7. Thanks, Juny, Sneha and Vidya.
    @Vidya: I usually scream my head off when the bee starts flying towards me :P The on-lookers get scared that the bee will go into my mouth !!!

  8. Nice shots...once again your pics are fantastic.


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